Firing Services

“I can make it, I just can’t bake it!” – TRP offers contract firing in our electric kilns.

  • You must know what clay was used – bring box label if you can.
  • Unless you are paying for full kiln, work will be added to studio work and fired when there is enough for a full load.
  • Pro tip: Cover your work and keep it leather hard to prevent breaking in transit. Bone dry work will not travel well!
  • TRP reserves the right to refuse firing your work if your work may harm kilns or other work.

Firing Service Charges

Per Piece Charge for pieces less than 4″x4″x4″ Bisque $1.50 ea – Glaze $2.00 ea
3 cu ft Bisque $25.00 – Glaze $30.00
7 cu ft Bisque $45.00 – Glaze $50.00
10 cu ft Bisque $60.00 – Glaze $75.00

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